Now You Can Rehabilitate in Luxury!27 May 2016

We are over the moon to announce that we have made special arrangements for our patients to use Luton Hoo to help with their rehabilitation. Just look at the spectacular grounds!

Our resident specialist sports physio Tom has worked with a few of his patients with a variety of complaints; back pain, sports injuries, frozen shoulder and post operative rehabilitation, using Luton Hoo’s facilities.

Tom says;

“When you’re in acute pain, the thought of active rehabilitation and exercise can be pretty daunting. Pain can be reduced passively via many different treatment techniques, including:-

• Acute soft tissue injury management
• Joint mobilisation and manipulation
• Soft tissue techniques, i.e. massage, trigger point release
• Acupuncture
• Electrotherapy
• Exercise

Other treatments can also be used to sufficiently reduce pain, yet all of these therapies are designed with one goal in mind: providing enough pain relief to help you progress in your recovery. Exercise plays a key role in this rehabilitation; improving the strength and mobility of an injured tissue or structure can help to reduce the chance of re-injury, whilst also having significant psychological and physical health benefits.”

Mike, who’s recently had a tendo-achilles repair has been taking advantage of the treadmill to start a return to running protocol. This has allowed for ample opportunity for Tom to help perform some gait analysis and highlight areas of Mike’s gait pattern that need to be improved upon to assist during his recovery.

Likewise, Jane has progressed excellently in the treatment room following a fall in which she damaged her rotator cuff – quite a key muscle group for a tennis player! She and Tom have been utilising the cable resistance machines and free weights area to help increase her shoulder and upper limb strength post injury, as well as now using the tennis courts at Luton Hoo to work on some sport specific drills before she gets back onto the court competitively.

David has been progressing nicely after his cardiothoracic surgery. He is now using the static bike, treadmill and Concept 2 rowing machine to improve his cardiovascular fitness under the guidance of Tom, ensuring his heart-rate is maintained within an appropriate training zone. He’s also using the floor and free-weights area to perform some bodyweight strengthening exercises under supervision, that can then be adhered to during a home exercise programme.

Do you have chronic back pain? Do you have a sports injury? Is your golf swing impaired by a frozen shoulder? Are you recovering from an operation? We could be helping you to get move well and stay well in the wonderful setting of Luton Hoo.

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Treating ankle sprains

Now You Can Rehabilitate in Luxury!

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