Rehab at Luton Hoo Gym is a hit!23 Feb 2017

Rehab at Luton Hoo Gym is a hit!

Luton Hoo gym is proving to be a great success with our patients. Tom and Adam, our experienced sports and exercise physiotherapists, are at the gym twice a week with patients who need one to one rehabilitation following injuries or operations. They also see patients who are returning to fitness and set achievable programmes and goals so that their patients can safely return to their usual gHP 080ym routines.

Most patients are assessed and treated first in the clinic, but then transfer to the gym for their final stages of rehab as part of a recognised treatment protocol. Our local orthopaedic consultants are also very happy that their patients are able to rehabilitate to full fitness with our supervision.

Tom and Adam both state and agree that “the ability to utilise a variety of gym-based equipment gives so much more benefit to our patients in order to help them reach their goals quickly and with less likelihood of an injury re-occurring further down the line”.

Tom discusses recently using the gym-equipment to help a patient return to her sport, rugby, following a lower leg injury, using a variety of the machine weights and free-weights to incorporate strength, power and sport specific rehab drills within the gym, facilitating a smooth transition back into rugby training.

Adam has been using the treadmills to assist in helping a runner to analyse his gait pattern, then together, make small adjustments to his running cadence and therefore helping to reduce medial tibial stress syndrome (shin splints) symptoms in his preparation for an upcoming marathon.

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HP 082Adam, Tom and Luton Hoo itself have had some great feedback….

‘After my knee ligament reconstruction surgery in October I never thought that I would be back in a gym by Christmas. Instead of in a treatment room my weekly physio sessions are now spent at Luton Hoo with Tom and he should have me back on the rugby pitch for the 7’s season.’ Michael.

‘How great is rehab with Adam when I can go and have a swim and sauna after at the luxurious spa!’ Catherine.

‘Really had my mind put at rest after a few sessions in the gym with Tom.  Any worries about my hamstring and returning to running have completely gone as he put me through my paces.’ Peter.

‘Tom actually joined my consultant in theatre and watched my rather complicated hip operation so that he could give me the best treatment. He saw me right through to the gym bit – very impressive care and dedication. I would recommend Tom to anyone.’ Mike.

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Treating ankle sprains

Rehab at Luton Hoo Gym is a hit!

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