Posture and Movement Treatments

At Harpenden Physiotherapy we believe that a big part of staying well is moving well. Building and maintaining the stability, strength and flexibility of joints, muscles and ligaments provide the foundation for better well-being, as well as improved physical and athletic performance.

A lack of flexibility and mobility can be caused by simple and easy to overlook factors, such as the way we sit at our desks, training with poor form or insufficient warm-ups at the gym.

The ability to move freely without tension and stress within the body can provide a great deal of relief both physically and emotionally. Our team offer a range of effective treatments and services in order to help you build mobility and improve your posture.

Following an assessment by our experienced team, you will be recommended the most suitable treatment from of our range of posture and movement services to get you feeling back at your best.

Personal Pilates Sessions

We offer 1:1 or 1:2 pilates sessions suitable for all levels of experience, which focus on providing you with the technique and knowledge of movements that will bolster your stability and flexibility. Pilates is ideal for patients suffering from general aches and pains, continued back pain and recovering from surgery as well as anyone looking to improve overall mobility and well-being.

Advanced Back Care

Lower back pain affects a huge number of people at some stage throughout their lives. Often it can be caused by overuse or poor posture and ergonomics in day to day life. Our expert team will look for the trigger causing the pain and recommend the most suitable mobility and strengthening therapy.

Workstation Assessments

As well as treating injuries at Harpenden Physiotherapy, we recognise the importance of finding the root of a physical condition. With our ergonomic assessment service, our specialist team will visit your workplace or home to assess whether your workstation is set up correctly to avoid any negative physical impact and possible injuries and strains.

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Posture and Movement Treatments

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