Pre & Post-Op Physiotherapy

therapist and patient looking at xray: pre and post-op physiotherapy at our hertfordshire clinic

Three of our physiotherapists have a special interest in Orthopaedic surgery and have worked on the wards in the NHS and at Harpenden Spire Hospital. This experience brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge in pre and post-op physiotherapy.

What is Pre Operative Orthopaedic Physiotherapy?

Although some orthopaedic surgery cannot be planned in advance, if your surgery is planned it is often beneficial to see a physiotherapist before your operation who can advise you on what to expect following your surgery. Our experienced physiotherapists can prescribe you a preoperative exercise programme to maintain function, strengthen the appropriate muscles and ensure that your road to recovery is smoother.

This is especially useful before knee and hip surgery. A one off session is usually sufficient and we are happy to see you in clinic or provide a home visit where we can also advise you on any adaptations you may need to make in your home for after the surgery.

If after surgery it would be difficult to attend appointments at our Harpenden clinic we may be able to offer physiotherapy treatment at home.

What is Post Operative Orthopaedic Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy after orthopaedic surgery should begin immediately after surgery while you are in hospital. It is important that you continue your physiotherapy once you are discharged. We will give you a range of exercises to mobilise and strengthen your affected joints and muscles and help you return to full fitness.

Of course, we follow the guidelines often provided by your surgeon and have regular discussion/updates with them when needed to ensure peace of mind and the most efficient, safe recovery.

Any post-op physiotherapy protocols you may have been given, bring them along, we’ll talk through them, ensure you’re happy and are on the right path back to full health.

How Can You Get in Contact?

If you would like to find out more about our pre and post-op physiotherapy in Harpenden, please call us on 01582 761448 or get in touch.

How are we ensuring that our practice is safe during the COVID-19 situation?

According to current COVID-19 information and advice, Harpenden Physiotherapy are taking the following measures to protect all those visiting the clinic:

  • Screening all patients at the point of booking in line with Government guidelines.
  • Screening all patients, staff and visitors upon arrival into the clinic.
  • Providing all visitors access to alcohol-based hand sanitizer upon entry and exit.
  • Increasing the frequency and thoroughness of cleaning around the building.
  • Reminding all visitors of the importance of personal hygiene and best practices, such as regular handwashing, which are displayed on posters throughout the clinics.

For more information on our health & safety practices please read our COVID-19 information guide.

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Pre & Post-Op Physiotherapy

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The Carter & George Practice look forward to building on the excellent reputation of Harpenden Physiotherapy, and are committed to ensuring minimal disruption in your care.

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